Thursday, February 28, 2008

Interview with Drew Moffitt

Part 1 of getting to know the team. Thank you Drew for taking the time to anwser my questions. I look forward to interviewing as many of the Miners Player's as possible.

Do you have a family, i.e wife, children, ect.? No wife or kids. I do have a dog though. He is a year and a half old Brittany Spaniel. He is an awesome hunter and hopefully a field champion some day.

How long have you played baseball? I got into competitive baseball when I was 12. I was actually big into basketball before that.

Have you ever had any major injuires? I have had wrist surgery, shoulder surgery, and knee surgery. I am also recovering from a badly sprained ankle. I guess thats what I get for thinking I am Michael Jordan.

What are your Minor league professional stats? I am not really sure. I do know it wasn't enough at-bats, thanks Orioles!

What are you hobbies? I love to workout. I go to the gym five to six times a week and do not miss a day. I am also a big hunter, mainly deer and pheasants. Oh yeah, and I am also a HUGE Utah Jazz and Cleveland Browns fan.

What TV shows do you watch? I don't watch tv at all. Actually I don't even have cable. If the Jazz or Browns are on I will go to a bar and grill to watch the game.

Whats your favorite food? I eat extremly healthy in the off season, and try to as much as possible in season. Alot of fish, chicken, rice and vegetables.

What do you do in the offseason? Work with little league teams and give private hitting lessons.

What did you major in through college? Sports administration

What makes you better than the guy beside you? Nothing, he is my best friend. I don't think I am better than anyone,unless you challenge me in a sport or game.

Miner's players, please email me at minersblog@aol.com to be Interviewed by us, This gives the community and beyond a look inside of your life. I'm here to promote your playing and personal abilities as much as I can. Thank you, Dan

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