Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Time to make some changes.

We've got 3-4 players we need to drop. Ouch, I know that hurts to say, But, we want to win, Right?
So here we go,

Seth Beason, batting .188 in 16 games, hitting some dh, pinch running at points.

Mike Victor, batting .226 in 37 games, is he even still with us?

Jon Qualls, He pitches 75 mph, thats his fastball, which is ok, but he has a 5.53 era, batters are hitting .314 against him, which is the 2nd highest opp avg on the team..

This of course is my opinion, and is only that, an opinion. But we need to try and beef up our lineup, Our offense is lacking that blast off hitter, Joey M. is a great add, Jason is a great add, We should trade Jon Qualls for some Rookie prospect or a player to be named while he is still worth something. Seth seems to be needing more at-bats, trade him away.

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