Thursday, August 30, 2007

Marshall's bat helps Miners win 7th Straight

Chris Little(8-7) Was our Winning Pitcher The Miners won their 7th straight game tonight 14-9 Home runs? Yes, power has been wonderful during this stretch, Hall got one, An Inside the park home run, Head first slide. Andre Marshall got one (A Grand SALAMEEEEEE) 3-5 1 run 6 RBIS for Marshall..Metropoulos has been on fire, he got a 2-run double, way to go Joey. The Miners are just 3 games behind Kalamazoo for that last playoff spot. 4,862 fans watched the Miners win tonight.

WP: Little (8-7) LP: Michael (0-2)

SIL) Marshall HR (5) 6RBI (19 ), Hall HR (13) RBI (55), Metropoulos 2RBI (29)

(EVN) Pace RBI (25), Rachal 3RBI (12), Spry RBI (27), Carr 2RBI (19), Teller RBI (5)

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