Friday, July 13, 2007

Miners win with walk-off hit in bottom of the 18th Inning.

Bottom of the 9th, 3-0 Florence leading, Its sort of raining, we got around 3-4 hits total. People start going home, We fight, kick, scream and end up scoring 3 runs and loading the bases in the bottom of the 9th and had a chance to win it then. Nick Tisone did a tremendous job pitching throughout the game, going through 5 innings while giving up no hits.
We signed a new player today, Seth Beason, From Friends University, he batted in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded, and 2 outs, but struck out, Stats coming soon. WOW, what a catch in the bottom of the 11th by the Florence center fielder on a Eric Suttle Center field drive that was well hit, and even better caught. ESPN Top 10, I promise folks. Chris Hall and Mike Pinto both got ejected in the top of the 9th, Hall said something to his pitcher that the Ump did not like, then Pinto came in and got face to face with the Ump and got the toss. Travis Hope, A Marion Native, got his 1st professional at-bat walking in the bottom of the 13th inning, Then striking out 2 in the top of the 14th for a perfect showing. Hope in the 15th had another good outing taking them down 1-2-3.

Mike Scanzano went 6-8 with 2 RBI. Including the walk off double winning hit and 1 walk. Way to go Mike.

Ralph Santana went 4-8 with 1 RBI.

(FLO) Grogan RBI (28), Holland RBI (27), Perez RBI (5); (SIL) Scanzano 2RBI (11), Santana RBI (26), Suttle RBI (7); WP: Hahn (3-1) LP: Janszen (2-4); Scanzano GW RBI

Bryant Perdomo batted in the bottom of the 15th with 1-out and the bases loaded, but grounded into a double play to end the inning.

Suttle had a nice outfield assit in the 17th inning to home plate for the 2nd putout of the frame. Hahn struck out the Florence hitter to end the top of the 17th..

The Miners are now 24-23 and will host the Freedom again Tonight, (Sat. Night) at 7:05 pm

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