Monday, July 23, 2007

Miners win 5-2

In front of less than 4500 fans, The Miners took out River city 5-2. Chris Hall hit a Center Field bomb in the bottom of the 4th. Ralph Santana made a fantastic play diving on a broken bat drive that he made look easy. Also, Willie Keene made a great throw from left field. Koski is hurt, his wrist is still sore so he'll miss a few more games. They handed out Eric Vega baseball cards to the 1st 1000 fans at the game, but Vega was no longer a Miner, ooops.

WP: (SIL) Griffin Bailey, LP: (RIV) J.J. Pacella;
(SIL) Keene RBI, Hall RBI, HR, Santana RBI;

(RIV) Huff RBI

The Miners Play Kalamozoo Tue. at 7:05 pm

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