Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miners lose 8-6

Metropoilos hit a home run, way to go Joey. we lost. We're now 29-30 and in a rut. We need to look into some stronger pitching. Some hitting would be nice, below .250 at 25+ games should be gone, 10+ errors at 25+ games, should be gone, era above 6 should be gone. And why is or was Chris hall batting 8th in the lineup when he is one of our best hitters. 8th? he's an rbi machine, maybe he should be in the 4 or 5 spot, but not 8. And yes, I can speak as someone who knows what he's talking about, I'm a Cubs fan, I know every way to lose their is. Our pitching is hurting us, stop the bleeding now, get rid of high era, no saves, no wins, too many er's. How many loses do we need to see some real changes. We trade 2 of our best pitchers, or at least good ones, when its pitching we need, Joey was a good pickup.

WP: DeValk (3-3) LP: Little (0-1) Save: Caldwell (2)

(KAL) Grose RBI (31), Carter RBI (49), Russell RBI (37), Brachold RBI (46)

(SIL) Metropoilos HR (1) 2RBI (2) Simon 2RBI (21), Keene RBI (20), Santana RBI (35)

The Miners play again at Rent One Park on Friday Night

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