Friday, June 15, 2007

Miners Shutout Wild Things 5-0

By Dan Karnes

Miners Shutout the Wild Things tonight in front of almost 6,000 people. Great pitching and some top 10 ESPN worthy defense by Santana helped keep Wash. scoreless and confused the whole game.. Jose Torres had a great play in the field but the runner was called safe. And some lady was in love with him, lol. Pinto said after the game "All I want is consistency, with consistency comes wins, we got that tonight".. After the game they let us all on the field, which by the way is very cool, for the fireworks display, which was also very cool. It was like the 4th of July in June. The commissioner of Frontier League Baseball Bill Lee was in attendance tonight and had to be pleased with what he saw. He was not available for comment. All around it was a very good game, fantastic fans and a great show, If you've not been to Rent One Park yet, take the family and have a fun filled evening. Some gripes would be, I don’t understand how they choose winners for the Best Seat in the house and other contest, It seems they give it to the prettiest girl or guy and go on. I also think the Clothing and Hats are way to high in price. $23.00 - $25.00 for a hat? Don’t drain us Southern IL. workers in the first year, take it all over the next 5 or so. I would love a hat, but I cant see paying $25.00 for one. But, 4-8$ for tickets is a very good price, don’t get me wrong. Then you throw $2.00 parking at us. Well anyways, its a great show, and a Improving team. Pinto has them on the right track. Southern IL is now 10-13 overall, winning 4 of the last 6. Southern IL plays slippery Rock, (who just had a player sign with the St. Louis Cardinals) Sat. night at Rent One Park. Go miners.

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