Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All-Star Game Alignment

A friend contacted the commissioner regarding the all star game. I know there have been some questions, and now we have some answers.
The teams will be determined an a east-west format, with Rockford and Windy City players joining the West Division team and Kalamazoo and Traverse City players joining the East Division teams.
I don’t know if the teams will be called “East” and “West”. It’s possible the host Florence Freedom may have found a sponsor. When the Rascals hosted the game in 2004 the teams were “Pepsi” and “Mountain Dew”. Similarly, when the Missouri River Otters hosted the United Hockey League all star game the teams were “Gatorade” and “Aquafina”. I’ve heard of it in other instances too.
The all star game will NOT determine home field advantage for the playoffs. I would assume then that the team with the best record would get the advantage. Are you listening, Bud Selig?
Thank you go-rascals for the story.

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